Vote for Me!


Vote for me for President
You won’t have to pay no rent
You don’t have to face reality
We’ll just kill everybody that doesn’t agree
With US
World Domination or Bust

Vote for me for President
I’ll represent your selfishness
Responsibility I’ll help you shirk
We’ll make the third world do all our work
Vote for me and I’ll make you rich
You won’t have to dig that ditch
You won’t have to lift a finger
When we hit them with our stinger
Hear that baby flesh sizzle!

Vote for me for President
We’ll spend it all till its all been spent
Vote for me and I’ll make you see
Diplomacy is for wussies
Fuck those stupid ass pussies

You don’t have to swallow any bitter pills
Just vote for me and things will be chill
I’ll promise you each a $100 bill
Hope you don’t mind the people I kill
I’ll make promises to change your mind until
I assume power and devour your freedom
People of the world I’ll rob em and beat em
Making lots of money off tax
Mad pork barrel contracts

Vote for me!  Vote for me!

Don’t you know you wanna vote for me?

Vote for me!  Vote for me!

It’s a matter of national security

Vote for me because its in your best interest
Wouldn’t you rather be homeless and friendless?
You will think the breadline’s endless
If you vote for me, you are screwed
After the election we don’t give a fuck about you
We only work for ourselves
because we only care about ourselves

The Enemy

I’ve seen an infinite source of energy
Used to decimate our enemy
I’ve seen rockets that could reach the depths of space
We spat them in our enemy’s face
I’ve seen wealth that belonged to me and you
Appropriated by a selected few
I’ve seen speakers of truth crucified
By those who would rather believe in lies
Between Angels and Demons, Heaven and Hell
Our greatest enemy is ourselves.