The Spiritual Deficit of America

As I begin my day, I am struck by how my life revolves around the intake of chemicals.

I wake up and get in the shower.  I rub some chemicals into my hair and all over my body.  I get out of the shower, rub some more chemicals under my arms and spray them on my chest.  Then I eat breakfast, intaking the proteins and carbohydrates that sustain my existence in this material plane.

By the time I’m at my desk at work, I’ve already popped the tab on a soda: more chemicals.  By 9AM, I start to get antsy and go outside for a cigarette.  I’m inhaling more chemicals.  Even when I put the cigarette out, I’m breathing oxygen: yet another chemical my body requires.

Now, some would say that there is nothing wrong with this, other than the cigarette.  But to me, its all wrong.  Why should I need sustenance from the outside world simply to continue existing?  I guess the question I’m really asking is: Who is keeping me in debt?

Some people ask me why I am so skinny.  Its because I don’t enjoy eating.  Why?  Because I’m not used to it.  Because I remember what so many have forgotten:  the higher spiritual realms where you don’t need to eat, drink, breathe, or imbibe, because you already have everything you need.  States of intoxication, joy, and inspiration are not dependent upon the ingestion of specific chemicals, but rather they are instantly and infinitely accessible to the whim of the mind.

In India, ascetics are revered.  Holy men wander the land with few if any possessions, in search of enlightenment, and they are aided in their quest by the entire community.  Some of these holy men ascend to the level of guru, and they go into the mountains to die, for they are no longer attached to the material plane: they know that they do not need it.  The people of the land will then seek these gurus out so that they may learn their wisdom so the cycle can continue.  Ordinary people will surround these gurus, feeding and clothing them, so that the guru will be karmically obliged to continue existing in the material plane.

Why are the gurus so valuable to the people?  Because they speak the truth.  We live in a matrix of lies and deception.  Materiality can trick even the brightest of minds, swindling us all into buying into the ultimate lie: That its us or them.  That everything is finite, so keep your hands off mine.  That money and power are more important than people.  Luxury and decadence tempt us, so we need the wisdom of the enlightened to remember that this world is just an illusion, merely a prelude to something much better.  We need someone to remind us that material rewards are not really rewards at all.  Ultimately, they are punishments.

What a stark contrast India is to America, the land of tyranny and the home of the slave.  Where our material wealth is only matched by our spiritual deficit.  In India, enlightened gurus are respected and revered.  In America, such people are cast out and shunned.  They are persecuted, even.

Why?  Because in a society based on lies and deception, an honest man is very dangerous.  He might upset the very foundations of such a society, toppling its towers and unseating its evil Princes, Archons, and Demiurges.

You wanna be a bully and blow stuff up?  Here’s a gun store on every corner, and ammo is cheap.  You wanna be an insurance salesman, swindle everyone out of their money?  Here’s a billion dollars.  You want to be a crooked CEO, abuse your authority, and  have sex with all the lower level employees’ wives?  Here’s that promotion you’ve been angling for.  In America, people are allowed to dig themselves into some very deep holes.  Some of the debts that people create for themselves, they will never be able to repay.

But if you want to tell the truth in America, you are fucked.  Your reward is poverty, disease, imprisonment, and ultimately: death.  You want to be a good person in this country?  Prepare for a life fraught with hardships and obstacles.  You want to be honest?  Here’s last place in the election.  Here’s a jail cell.  Here’s assassination.

This American system we live in is Satanic fascism, plain and simple.  Money controls our lives, influences our decisions, and ultimately keeps us in debt, both spiritually and materially.  And most people gamely accept the myth that you are either Type A or Type B, that you either fuck people or get fucked.  Given the opportunity, most Type Bs would “move up” to Type A status.  In other words, they don’t hate the game, they hate the players, because they are jealous of them.  Why do so few people see through this duality, and stand up for themselves, their values, and eachother?  The system is at fault, and has to change.  But the ones with the power to change it are having too much fun at everyone else’s expense to do so.  You come into this world with good intentions, and you go right to the top, but that power corrupts, and then you become what you’ve been fighting all along.

And that’s why I say that America is the poorest country in the world.  Sure we have gold, money, cars, fancy clothes, fancy food.  But spiritually, so many are bankrupt.  Not because their souls have been stolen from them, but simply because they have thrown their souls away in exchange for material things that rot and rust and decay, and ultimately end up as nothing.  What a sad consequence to a bargain with the devil.

And so I close this post with questions that often plague me: In America, you can be anything you want to be, so why do so many people choose to be idiots?  Is freedom a failure?  Why have we fallen so far, and is there any way back up?