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Ron Paul, Alex Jones, and the Tea Party: Co-Opting the Revolution

Since it’s election time, I’ll just come right out and say that Alex Jones, Ron Paul, the Tea Party, Libertarians, Republicans, banksters, organized crime, and the Illuminati are all facets of the same fascist organization. They are the richest people in the world or their loyal servants. This owner class controls the media, means of production, natural resources, and most of the government.

The number one fear these people have is that some day, regular people might start a grass roots movement and take back the government. The government is the one viable and legitimate threat to the wealthy’s power. If the government worked for the people instead of capital, it could completely destroy the false class structure that works so hard to protect itself in the private sector. And so these wealthy fascists spend a lot of money trying to influence the underground political scene and shift it to the right, ideologically, as much as possible.

I have witnessed this in Anonymous, which began as an apolitical anarchist discussion/hacktivist group. Then, cointelpro agents in the form of guys who literally get paid to surf the net all day, injecting pro-establishment propaganda into internet discussion, tried to infiltrate the group and shift it to the right, but only succeeded in causing a schism in the group: All the anons with computer skills became the super-progressive, futurist, trans-humanist, collectively omniscient entity that is seen online, whereas the Anons without hacking skills became the Guy Fawkes mask-wearing Occupy protestors who always want to talk to you about Ron Paul. This is reflective of the tendency for technocrats and people with tech skills to hold very liberal political ideals, whereas the more libertarian protestors who smoke dope and go to orgies will always be capitalists at heart, because of their fondness for dealing drugs and cheap sex. And so, the disorganization that is Anonymous split into two groups: one that is left-anarchist, and one that is right-anarchist.

We can also see this happening with Alex Jones, a man who blames the New World Order for everything wrong in the world, and yet is surely on it’s payroll. Remember that one of the Illuimanti’s primary methodologies for maintaining its rule by secrecy is to deliberately spread misinformation about itself, and I believe that Alex Jones is the agent charged with this purpose.  He is simply part of the fascist propaganda wing’s effort to make people distrust the government instead of seeing it as a tool that could be used for positive change.

Ron Paul’s campaigns are merely a way for the financial establishment to take the spirit of rebellion, which will always exist as long as there is oppression, and put that anarchic energy towards their own ends. We saw this with the Tea Party, which began as a grass roots movement, and was soon co-opted by the mainstream GOP. The monied power-structure will always try to bend anarchist organizations to its own sinister agenda. I hope that everyone realizes that a vote for any right-wing politician is a vote for earth polluting, working class-robbing, coke smuggling, gun-running, money laundering WAR CRIMINALS.

Did you know that you live in a racist society?
Did you know you’re the privileged class,
and everybody else is essentially taking it up the ass?

Did you know that you could be free?
Did you know it’s not the way that it has to be?
Did you know you can still change everything?

Did you know that there’s no such thing as equality,
and there might never be if you don’t change?

Did you know that you live in a war zone culturally?
Did you know that your parents were fucked
when they taught you how to fear anybody who wasn’t white enough?

Did you know that you could be free?
Did you know it’s not the way that it has to be?
Did you know you can still change everything?

Did you know that the older you get
it gets easier to blame somebody else for your own mess?

Did you know that the Jews don’t run the world,
and all black men aren’t criminals?

Did you know there’s a lot of money to be made
from keeping you paranoid, suspicious, worried, frightened
all wound up and tense inside, ’cause

Big business runs the government,
and it’s not good business
if we burn down the government.

So they keep us occupied with moron TV shows,
and shitty beer that wipes out brain cells,
and whining about Congress
and stupid fucking income taxes.

And if that’s not enough
to keep your mind off of
the way you’re getting dicked around,
they fill you with fear and hate,
give you someone to blame
for all your problems.

Why’s the country going
down the fucking toilet?

Do you know what they think of you?
Do you know how contemptuous they are of you?
Do you know how easy you are to fool?

You’re like a dog going after a ball that was never thrown.
Well guess what? You’re on your own.
Good luck.” – Screeching Weasel, Racist Society

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