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On Healthcare

I would like to take this opportunity to voice support for some kind of public healthcare system.  This is in opposition to the Republican Healthcare Plan, aka “Work the Poor to Death”.  (to give credit where its due, the Republican plan would probably reduce the number of uninsured in America: by allowing them to die off)  Never have the lyrics to one of my favorite Dead Kennedys songs “Kill the Poor” rang so true.

Consider this:  A businessman owns an automated factory.  Machines do all the work.  If one of those machines breaks down, the factory owner pays to have it repaired.  Before that even happens, the factory owner will pay to properly maintain the machine.  This is the basic courtesy that they extend to the machines in their employ.  And yet, for 40 million American workers, this basic courtesy is not offered by business owners.  What is being implied by this action?  That machines are more valuable than human beings?  Is that what their cost-benefit analysis told them?  I suppose they are right: human resources are limited only by our capacity to reproduce, and thus human lives are not as valuable as physical resources: oil, coal, gold, and heavy machinery.

In case you are unfamiliar with the practice of American medicine, here’s how it works:  First, they diagnose you with a disease you don’t have, then they prescribe you treatment you don’t need, which eventually leads to you getting strung out on drugs.  Being a member of the ADD generation, I have witnessed this cycle many times, often carried out on children as young as 6 years old.  You can’t trust a capitalist doctor any more than you can trust a capitalist car mechanic: ultimately they are both trying to make a buck off you.  Its really sad when you can’t trust paid experts, but the truth is their loyalty only goes as far as the money you pay them.

Our corporate employers tell us we don’t work hard enough, then send us to doctors who hand us methamphetamines and tell us to work harder.  And having your healthcare dependent on your employer doesn’t exactly make for a mobile workforce, either.  Its a clear conflict of interest.

And that’s if your employer offers health coverage.  For all the private-sector bitching about the looming danger of a public health monstrosity, I’ve yet to hear the CEO of McDonald’s take responsibility for allowing all of those workers to go uninsured in the first place.  The private sector created this problem, and it is their failure.  That’s why I have no sympathy for their complaints of government involvement in their business.  The necessity of public healthcare in this country would not exist but for the negligence of the private sector.  They had their chance to do right of their own free will, and they blew it.  Now its time for the government to force them at gunpoint to take care of their employees.

I know what its like to be one of those 40 million, because I used to be one.  The funny thing about having divorced parents: when it comes time to pay for shit, they both point at each other.  So yes, my wealthy parents allowed my health coverage to LAPSE while I was in college, resulting in my not having the means to see a dentist for 7 years, despite being employed AND a full-time student.  A few years out of college I get a somewhat decent job, go to the dentist and he hands me a $15,000 estimate.  Most of the work he has to do could have been prevented had I been able to go to the dentist all those years ago.  To say nothing of living with the pain of EXPOSED NERVES IN MY MOUTH FOR 7 FUCKING YEARS.

Having had that rather unpleasant experience, I have now come to this conclusion:

If the poor of this nation are to spend their entire lives in servitude of the rich, piloting their limousines, cooking their burgers, and building their fucking pyramids, providing healthcare for us serfs, peons, and indentured servants is the LEAST THEY CAN FUCKING DO.  Tax the fuck out of those wealthy assholes and give the people some fucking healthcare.

Even if I were a capitalist, I would be in support of national public healthcare.  Why?  Because, as it stands, American medicine is the most transparent failure of capitalism, besides possibly our higher education system.  The longer this system is allowed to stand, the more people will turn against capitalism altogether, eventually leading to peasant revolt.

But, having said all that, here’s the other side of the coin:

The current healthcare plan being formulated by congress will be a compromise between Republican and Democrat interests that will be doomed to failure.  I blame the Republicans.  Their MO is to sabotage public programs and then blame the concept.

This is what they did with Social Security.  We had a national retirement plan.  Then Reagan and Bush I borrowed from the Social security trust to fund tax cuts for the wealthy and corporate bailouts (yes, they had bailouts in the 80’s, too).  Fast forward to the 2000 election, and Bush Jr says we should privatize Social security because “it has failed”.  Well who borrowed from the trust in the FUCKING FIRST PLACE, ASSHOLE?

By the way, the whole “Privatizing Social Security” plan- pure Republican Genius.  In light of the recent stock market collapse, that would’ve worked REAL WELL, huh?  Yeah, investment bankers are much better at managing retirement funds than the feds.  That must explain why my 401k is doing so well.

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